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Proprietor: Deenway Ltd. (a not-for-profit social enterprise) Regd. Address 3-5 Sidmouth Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 4QX 0118 9574737

Welcome To Our School!

Welcome to the Deenway Montessori School. Deenway is a family focused and child centred Islamic primary school in the heart of Reading. Housed in a beautiful grade II listed building close to museums, parks, libraries, mosques, civic institutions, and the river Kennet, our children are surrounded by rich and meaningful learning experiences inside and outside the school. Guided by the teachings and wisdom of Islam, Deenway children participate in a deeply enriching and fulfilling educational experience in beautifully prepared Montessori classrooms led by qualified teachers.

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 "This is a good school." Ofsted. Excelling in Sports   Cambridge International School

Latest Audio: Joint Christian-Muslim Event, "How Can I Forgive, How Can I Be Forgiven?"  Listen Now

Nursery (Ages 3-5)

Our nursery department caters for children 3-5 years old and is a part of the Children's House. Children are taught in a carefully planned, well-resourced Montessori environment with particular attention to developing confidence, independent learning and adab. Contact Us now to find out more.

Junior School (Ages 5-11)

The primary school consists of the Children's House, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary Classes. Pupils continue their Montessori learning in beautifully prepared classrooms... Primary School

Senior School (Ages 11-16)

Worried about Secondary School? Unicity College is the name of our senior school department catering for boys and girls aged 11+. Find out more about our secondary school provision on this website or contact the school office.

Sixth Form College (16 to Adult)

Interested in continuing your studies beyond compulsory schooling? Planning to go to University? Interested in Islamic Scholarship? Soon in ha Allah you will be able to study A-Levels and beyond at our sister institution. Watch this space! 
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The Art of Persuasion Part 1

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Drama: The Gunpowder Plot!

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Deenway Child Sings of Love before Jumuah Congregation

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Joint Christian-Muslim Event: How Do I Forgive? How Can I Be Forgiven?

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Shakespeare and Islam 1: On Othello

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  • What We Do The Deenway Foundation is a pioneering trailblazer in the field of educational services for young people, adults and organisations. We understand that young people are not just the future: they are the present. The Deenway Foundation works tirelessly to provide unique and meaningful teaching and learning experiences for young and the young at heart through helping set up and support educational institutions like this one; through providing professional and ongoing training to educators and would-be educators and through promoting a classical liberal arts education faithful to the Islamic tradition. The Deenway Foundation is a registered charity according to the laws of England & Wales (no. 1131354) What Makes Us Different

    • The Deenway Foundation is a completely independent charity. We have no affiliation with any other organisation, institution or group.
    • The Deenway Foundation is concerned only with education and educational services.
    • The Deenway Foundation's ethos is rooted in the classical Islamic tradition but we are non-partisan. Our services are open to all people regardless of creed, colour or nationality.
    • All of our work is founded on principles and pedagogy. This means we seek to begin with the end in mind and remain truthful to our values.

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    Help support the only Islamic ethos Montessori Primary School and Liberal Arts Secondary School in the country. This trail-blazing effort depends on your help as we rely solely on generous benefactors and helpers like you to continue our work. You can help sustain our work by becoming a member. Your contribution makes you part of an historic legacy for Islamic education in our country.
    Become a Deenway MemberMembers play a crucial role in ensuring that the work of the school continues for generations to come. By subscribing to membership you will not only be earning sadaqa jaariya (enduring charity) but you will also benefit from exclusive discounts, special access and amazing offers to classes, courses, clubs and competitions for yourself and the whole family including


    There are two levels of Membership: Gold £20 per month (£240 per year) | Silver £10 per month (£120 per year) Please sign up by selecting the appropriate link below (opens in a new secure window administered by GoCardless, our payment provider):

    Yes! Please sign me up for Gold Membership Gold Members receive the highest level of discounts for the Learning Together Programmes as well as priority bookings and discounts for activities, clubs etc. Gold Member discounts can be up to an incredible 50%.

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Current School News

  • Academic Calendar 2019-2020

    The Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 is available to view here. If you have trouble printing it please request a copy from the school office.

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  • Festival of Learning 2015

    Don't miss the 2nd Annual Deenway Festival of Learning coming up on Saturday 25th July in sha Allah.

    Not only can you meet us and learn more about the school but you can see some amazing electronic engineering produced by our budding Scientists and Engineers, experience an interactive sci-fi hero adventure, learn about the amazing travels of an Intrepid Explorer, marvel at the wonders of the plant kingdom, learn how to construct Islamic Geometric Patterns, take a master-class in Water Colour Painting, try out a logic taster session, and much much more.

    Also on the day you can hear some live performances from the nursery pupils, enjoy delicious food, great company and tasty treats…

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  • Deenway Pupils Raise over £3000!

    Deenway Pupils raised an extraordinary £3211 for refugee children escaping warfare in Syria as part of their Go-givers Make A Difference Challenge.


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