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Joint Christian-Muslim Event: How Do I Forgive? How Can I Be Forgiven?

Peter Crook from Wycliffe Baptist Church and Ustadh Munawar Karim, Headmaster of Deenway Montessori School share their views on the topic:

"How Do I Forgive and How Can I Be Forgiven?"

Recorded live at Wycliffe Baptist Church

Recorded from a live event at Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading, on 9th May 2015. The audience was very appreciative and pupils from the school fielded some interesting questions to the speakers after the talk was over. You can listen to both talks here.

How Do I Forgive, How Can I Be Forgiven? (Part 1): A Christian Perspective (Peter Crooks)

How Do I Forgive, How Can I Be Forgiven? (Part 2): A Muslim Perspective (Munawar Karim)

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